September 21, 2018
  • Doctor consulting a patient

    Specialists Who Can Help You Manage Asthma

    Your primary care physician, or the ones practicing family medicine in Lehi in clinics such as Revere Health, can diagnose asthma, ascertain its severity, and determine the best treatment for you. Still, you should consider [...]
  • Woman with white teeth about to eat

    Your Oral Health and the Foods You Eat

    While many foods contain sugar, not all of them can compromise your teeth. Certain fruits and vegetables, for instance, have sugar, but most of them can be part of a healthy diet. This is because [...]
  • Model of a dental implant

    Taking Care of Dental Implants In Edinburgh

    Proper care of dental implants should be a conscious decision and begins long before the implant surgery. Patients with gum disease or other oral problems related to poor oral hygiene, need to have them treated [...]
  • Coin stacked in increments near a red plug concept of expensive electricity

    Common Household Energy Wasters

    In 2010, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) conducted a study that showed the US’s total number of set-top boxes (160 million at that time) used up as much electricity as all the households in [...]


Marker for tummy tucker

Common Incisions Used in Tummy Tuck Procedures

September 10, 2018

For most men and women, the struggle to achieve a perfect abdominal contour and waistline is never-ending. You might exercise and eat healthy to get your body into shape. Unfortunately, the stretched and excess skin […]

Bedroom with brown walls
Home & Garden

Got an Extra Room? Make it a Guest Room

September 6, 2018

When it comes to creating zones in your home, you choose some rooms that suit the needs of your family. But often, you will find that you have an extra space that you can repurpose […]

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